Agile HR


In most of the organizations, Agile Transformation is always driven as an Engineering Initiative to build high quality products predictably with higher productivity. The focus is always on product.

Agile Initiative gives a good result for the organization so the leadership is happy about the product results. From Engineering, the employees change their work style – work more as team than individual, build cross-functional ability, become more self-organized in project execution etc. While the teams and individual employees go through a big change, the HR part of the organization doesn’t change at all – be it hiring, learning & development, appraisal system, rewards / recognition. This is primarily because “Agile” is considered as an Engineering Initiative.

Our two day workshop helps address the Current challenges/failures in Agile transformation, be it structural, cultural, training, hiring, HR Policies & Agile disconnects and covers the below pointers in detail


The course covers the following topics:


Our two day extensive hands on Agile HR workshop helps overcome challenges and failures in Agile transformation. The changes could be structural, cultural, training, hiring, HR Policies & Agile disconnects.

You derive the following benefits from attending the workshop :

Who can attend?

This workshop is suitable for Hr professionals across the vertical.